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Maldives in the local language is known as Divehi Rajje. It is an archipelago of 1192 coral islands which make over 192 islands. Most of the 100 islands are uninhabited and the Maldives tours is conducted on the few developed for tourism.

Maldives holiday ensure a peaceful exotic vacation, since it emerged on the tourism map in the ‘70s, most of the parts of the islands are still unspoilt by human touch. The crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean has lured many nature enthusiasts to embark on a Maldives tour to view the exotic marine life. There are more than 2000 species of fishes found here. A Maldives holiday will give an insight into the villages and a chance to savour the native cuisine.

A Maldives tour package offers the choice to relax on a beach along with an underwater diving and scuba diving experience. and Maldives

Maldives is a great place to enjoy the sun, sand, and the crystal-clear water in a quite atmosphere. Depending upon the choice of the customers, whether it be a family looking for some fun time or couples looking for a quiet romantic getaway, smash tours offers customized holiday packages to suit the needs in the best possible manner. Whether one is looking for budget hotels or luxury hotels smash tours ensures that the choices are from the best hotels in Maldives. As a cherry on the cake we also book air travel in the best airlines in Maldives.

Maldives Sightseeing

The serene blue water and beaches Maldives sightseeing has more surprises, let’s take a brief look at a few places to visit:

Male is the most underrated sightseeing in Maldives, yet there are many shopping places and 17th century buildings to see.
Utheemu is known as the birthplace of revered Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu and has the historical castle apart from the beaches.
Feydhoo and Maradhoo are Maldives sightseeing places to enjoy native villages, quiet walks on the beach and delicious native cuisine.
Veligandu is considered as the top sightseeing in Maldives with luxurious villas and resorts.
Banan Reef is the main place for scuba diving to see coral reefs and viewing the exotic marine species in the crystal-clear water.
Alimatha Island has clear green water, a great diving spot and many luxury cabanas and villas.
Kuredu has a host of villas built on bamboo sticks in the water.
Gan has the second largest airport in Maldives and has a string of small restaurants serving delicious native cuisine and a promise of quite beaches.
Kunfunadhoo Island has bamboo thatched resorts built right on the beach, offering a view of the pristine water and coconut and palm tree laden beaches.

Activities in Maldives

Most of the adventure sport activities in Maldives are water based let’s take a brief look at a few activities one can indulge in:

The most serene Maldives activity is Catamaran sailing on the blue ocean with fantastic views of the islands.
Kayaking with a clear view of the ocean bed is an unparallel activity in Maldives.
Kitesurfing is a fun Maldives activity even non-swimmers and families can try.
Glass bottom boats cruises and underwater walks give an opportunity to see the coral reefs and marine life.
Jet skiing, banana boat rides are both family and couple friendly activities.
What to eat in Maldives

The coastal hot and humid weather is the reason for the best food in Maldives to be light, fresh yet very aromatic. Listed below are a few must have local Maldives food dishes:

Garudhiya is a local Maldives food made of fish and served with rice, lime and chillies.
Mas Huni is the best food in Maldives to start your day with. It’s a fish, coconut and lemon dish eaten with a bread known as Roshi.
Masroshi is a bread stuffed with tuna, fish and other spices.
Bis Keemiya is a fried pastry stuffed with tuna, cabbage and spices.
Boshi Mashuni is a fresh, light salad made of banana leaves, fresh coconut, curry leaves and condiments.
Sagoo Bondibai is a dessert made of Sago, condensed milk and coconut.
The Sea House, Bombay Darbar, Lemongrass Fifth, Tandoory Flames and Aioli restaurant are few halal restaurants in Maldives.

Key Facts

Currency Maldivian Rufiyaa
Capital Male
Languages Spoken Dhivehi
Time Zone UTC+5
Calling Code +960
Best Months to visit November to April