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* SKY DIVE - AED 1700/-
Avail 2 tickets to Laguna waterpark when you book Skydive through SMASH Tours.

Get on board the ultimate skydiving experience by booking the Smash Tours in Dubai. We are one out of a few tourism agencies that offer outstanding skydive services in Dubai, most especially for people who do not have prior experience in the field. With Seaman Tours, you can sure have a hassle-free skydive experience. Seaman Tours brings you the ultimate skydive adventure activity in Dubai. We have various Skydive Packages, which gives a special opportunity for you to experience one of the most exciting sport adventure. Whether you are a daredevil or you want to check your quest limits during your vacation in Dubai, we have a better way for you to appreciate Dubai's iconic wonders across the JBR beach, Palm Island, and the Dubai Marina. Fabulous experience

With our state-of-art equipment and parachutes, being maintained the strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards at your disposal, you are in the safe hands throughout your exhilarating Skydive experience. After a comprehensive briefing and enlightenment by a certified Skydive instructor, and being immaculately suited up with harness, goggles, helmet, and jumpsuit, you will board the plane from our drop zone, as the aircraft ascends and reaches the perfect altitude you will have the chance to experience the spine-chilling Freefall. Moreover, even if your instructor is unable to activate the parachute, our AAD (Automatic Activation Device) will do the job for you, and this will enable you to experience the absolute peacefulness of gliding along the air and have access to the incessant aerial views of Dubai's fantastic sights at every angle without worry. Moreover, you can surely return home with memories of a lifetime with fabulous pictures and videos of the moment as a keepsake of this wonderful adventure. *BURJ KHALIFA AT THE TOP - AED 135/-

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a truly amazing experience for every family member with thrilling rides, exciting attractions, themed stores and restaurants, all inspired by the rich Ferrari brand and its Italian heritage
Enjoy a magnificent cruise along Dubai creek/marina and admire the romance infused stunning landscape on a Dhow. Two hour cruise includes an international buffet and tandura show